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Best In The Industry

Fulcrum Trading Company

Made in USA


Proudly Manufactured in Illinois

All Fulcrum Trading Company Tubes are Manufactured in Indiana under American Standards by our team of Professionals and Industry Experts. Unlike our competitors reselling imported tubes, we can guarantee reasonable shipping times & prices from Indiana to any location in the lower 48 US States & Canada. 


Keep Your Product Fresh

Fulcrum Trading Company uniquely designs tubes for the Cannabis Joint Market. One example was spending months refining the seal to insure that Fulcrum Tubes would be AIR TIGHT and maximize the Shelf Life of customer's joints. When first opening the tube many Fulcrum clients report a delightful blast of the aroma from the enclosed Cannabis, much like smelling wine before tasting it.

Air Tight Design 2
Straight Tubes


Fulcrum's Guarantee

Fulcrum guarantees straight tubes. No more wasted time, destroyed labels, and hairlines or bubbles due to curved tubes. Our competition pulls their tubes out of their molds while they are too hot. This causes them to become warped or curved while they cool. They do this to get one or two more runs of tubes out of their machines each day. At Fulcrum we do things differently - we let our molds cool first, ensuring the straightest tubes on the market.



Fulcrum understands the importance of making marijuana packaging Child Resistant and has gone the extra mile to ensure all of their Joint Tubes are Tested and Approved. We are aware that many States require CERTIFICATION of CHILD RESISTANCE. Find our most recent certifications in .pdf formats below. 

Child Resistant
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