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Unbeatable Deals on Select Tubes

Dive into our Spring Savings Sale for exceptional savings. Get select tubes at an amazing price of just 6.6¢ each! This includes our brilliant Purple, Blue, Green and Red Translucent (98mm & 116mm). Plus, snag any other color or size, including White, Black, Smoke, and Clear in both 98mm and 116mm, for only 7.7¢ each. Hurry, these incredible prices are for a limited time only!

Fulcrum High Quality Tubes are FDA Approved, Food Grade, Made in USA & Child Resistant
Gang Buying | Combine Orders with Colleagues for Discounts

Fulcrum allows customers to combine their orders with up to two other orders from their Colleagues (a "gang"), allowing all three customers to access the group's volume discount. For example, if Businesses A, B, and C agreed to be in a buying gang together and Business A orders 12 boxes, Business B orders 10 boxes, and Business C orders 8 boxes, all three companies will be given the pricing for buying 30 boxes (8.6 cents/tube) despite none of them buying 30 boxes individually. Each business can order seperately but must make it clear who else is in their buying "Gang".



Bulk Delivery | Save Money with Even Pallets of Joint Tubes

Fulcrum is able to offer a significant savings in delivery expenses when Ordering Full/Even Pallets. This means ordering mutiples of

45 boxes of the 98mm tubes or mutiples of 36 boxes of the 116mm tubes.

SQUEEZEME Green Joint Tube
POPME Blue Joint Tube
Baker's Dozen | Your 13th Order is Free!

On your 13th order, we will average your first 12 orders and give you that amount of product for free or reduce the bill on your 13th order by that amount. For example, if the average of your first 12 orders was $2,135 and the total on your 13th order was $2,135 or less, than that order is FREE OF CHARGE! However, if the total of your 13th order was $2,500, than the bill would be reduced by $2,135, leaving only $365 to pay for the $2500 order.  

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